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Welcome to the Library of the Royal Armoury

The Library of the Royal Armoury is a public special library which contains approx. 40.000 books and c. 100 serial publications.

The library welcomes scholars and member of the public during opening hours.  At other hours by appointment only.

The majority of the holdings relate to the collection of The Royal Armoury.

The principal subject areas of the library are:

    * Arms and Armour
    * Fencing
    * Hunting and Falconry
    * Military history and Artillery
    * Textile, fabrics
    * Costume
    * Coaches and Carriages
    * Horsemanship and Equestrian sports
    * Heraldry
    * System of orders and decorations
    * Flags and Banners

The library also keeps the archive for The Royal Armoury.