The archives of the LSH authority and the Royal Armoury are stored at the Royal Armoury.

Skokloster Castle and the Hallwyl Museum have their own archives.

The Royal Armoury archives contain minutes of proceedings, inventories, correspondence and annual reports. Earlier accounts and inventories (pre-1840) are kept in the National Archives (Palace Archives).

A large part of the archive consist of documents arrangerad by subject and reflecting research and museum exhibitions. This includes documents about weapons, ceremonial, biographies and documentation relating to the history of the Royal Armoury.

The Royal Armoury archive also includes a collection of pictures containing early photographs of the collections, premises and displays of the Royal Armoury and other institutions, as well as photographs of royalty.

Items of common LSH concern, such as minutes of governing body meetings, staff records and financial papers, are stored in the LSH archive.