The Chivalry Club

The Chivalry Club is the Royal Armoury’s children’s club. It has existed since 1992 when it was started in conjunction with the exhibition Chivalric games and Tournaments. The club is open for children aged between 4 and 12, and offers activities suitable for this age group. A members’ event is organised every month at the Royal Armoury. This can take the form of a dubbing of knights, a school of chivalry or the trying on of armour.

RiddarPosten, the club’s own magazine, describes life in the days of valiant knights and fair ladies, and gives information on forthcoming club activities. RiddarPosten is published four times annually.

Every summer the Chivalry Club visits various places in Sweden to take part in related events of different kinds.

The Chivalry Club is run by the Royal Armoury, its aim being to respond to and develop children’s interest in history.

For more information and membership please contact: