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The History of Stockholm in 60 Minutes

Torsdag 16 december, klockan 16

A fast-moving one-man show full of violent action, terrible tragedies, cultural shocks and stuffed animals that guides you through the city’s history from the 1100s to today! We find out how the city got its name, we meet Stockholm’s very own patron saint St. Erik, we dodge flying goats, enter torture chambers and brothels and follow a police raid on the worst drug den ever. Kings die, a lion fights a bear, we visit the sexiest sporting event ever and try a dance performed by Sweden’s top pop group.

Characters, costumes, magic and stories you’ll never believe! Even though they are completely true! (Most of the time).

  • Slottsbacken 3, 111 30 Stockholm
  • The show is performed in english by Stockholm Storytelling Studio.