of the Royal Armouries II

Pris: 150 kr


This volume is the second in a series presenting the Royal Armoury`s collection of firearms.

This volume describes firearms belonging to members of the house of Bernadotte, foremost among them in this respect being Karl XV (d.1872), who bequeathed a very large collection of weapons to the nation. Also included are 19th century accessions of firearms from other, non-royal owners – guns which, for technical, artistic or biographical reasons, have been regarded as interesting additions to the royal collections.

In contrast to Volume I, we now find the collection of Karl XV including firearms which are quite newly made, wholly or in part, perhaps a particular type would otherwise have been lacking. These firearms reflect the large collections of weapons accumulated during the 19th century in castles and other stately homes all over Europe. Heavy demand, coupled with prevailing ideals of interior decoration, with large, symmetrical arrays of weapons used as wall decorations, created market for replicas or more or less original creations/fake weapons.

Nils Drejholt