The Royal Armoury

- In the cellarvaults of the Royal Palace

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Presented in this book is a selection of around a hundred artefacts from the Royal Armoury`s permanent exhibition. This selection has been made to illustrate the main purpose of the museum: the portrayal of Sweden´s royal history, from Gustav Vasa up until the present day.

As the reader will soon discover, each of the Royal Armoury´s artefacts has an exiting story to tell about our royals - in war but above all in peace.

The Roayl Armoury´s artefacts are presented in this book in four sections: Royal Heroes, Great Ceremonies, Diplomatic Relations and Royal Mementoes to the People. These themes become apparent as one follows the museum´s development backwards in time. The oldest artefacts are the sets of royal state and ceremonial weapons that were stored in the old Three Crowns Palace during the 16th century. The beautifully crafted weapons, horse saddles and harnesses on display were often gifts from other princes. The well-preserved costume collection bears witness to splendid coronations, when the magnificent coaches - now on display in the museum - still rolled through the streets of Stockholm.

Text: Sofia Nestor, Ann Grönhammar
Photography: Göran Schmidt
Stockholm, 2007