The Theatre King

Experience the splendor, power, and theatrical costumes of Gustav III's era.

A person in historic clothes, looking out at the audience

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Open today 10:00–17:00
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Discover, explore and have royal fun together. We offer activities for children and adults. Both on site and remotely.
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Coolcation at the Royal Armoury

Discover sparkling carriages, magnificent armor, and unique royal garments this summer.

King Charles XI's of Sweden's family portrait with summer vacation element.

The Royal Carriage Hall

The royal carriage hall has been updated with new stories and objects. Come and experience the golden treasures.

A display with a royal dress
Photo: Jens Mohr, The Royal Armory/SHM.

The Exhibition about Sweden’s royal history

Learn about the history of Sweden through the monarchy.

A display with royal costumes
Photo: Erik Lernestål/SHM.

Swedish monarchs

From Gustav Vasa to the present time.

Royal histories

About royal costumes, weapons and
stories about royal destinies.