En gyllene vagn med röda hjul och riklig dekor.
Photo: Jens Mohr, Royal Armoury/SHM (CC BY).

The Royal Carriages

Down in the depths of the magical vaults of the Royal Armoury, five magnificent royal carriages have been preserved. During spring 2021, the carriage hall was updated with new artefacts and stories. Come and experience these gilded wonders!

Temporarily closed the Carriage Hall

It is temporarily closed in the the Royal Carriage Hall until Friday, June 14 at 17.00.

Opening hours

The carriage hall has the same opening hours as the museum.

Spectacular ceremonies

One of the most spectacular ceremonies in Swedish history was the coronation of Adolf Fredrik and Louisa Ulrika in 1751. Their costumes and artefacts are presented in a display case next to the coronation carriage.

Photo: Jens Mohr/SHM.

Royal toy carriage – a new acquisition for the collection

A new feature of the collection is Crown Prince Gustav (III)’s toy carriage. A new cabriolet model made for regal children’s games in the gardens.

Photo: Jens Mohr/SHM.

Visit on your own

A Queen’s Journey

Many of the carriages in the carriage hall have links to accounts of women from the 18th century. In the new film “A Queen’s Journey”, we interweave Sofia Magdalena’s exciting life with the preserved state coaches.

Photo: Jens Mohr/SHM.

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