A museum case in The Royal Armoury with two royal velvet mantles.
Photo: Erik Lernestål, Livrustkammaren/SHM (CC BY).


We want all visitors to the Royal Armoury to feel welcome, find the information they need and have an enjoyable experience before and during their visit.

Disabled parking

You find the disable parking in "Gubbens Gård", the distance between the parking boom and the museum entrance is about 25 meters. To park at Gubbens Gård, visitors need a key from the museum reception.

Contact museum reception
+46 (0)76-128 02 12

Main entrance and elevator

  • The main entrance is 165 cm wide and has an automatic door opening.
  • Elevator is available to all floors. Door opening: 90 centimeter, floor area 95 x 230 centimeter, maximum weight 1,000 kilos.
  • All emergency exits are adapted for the disabled.
The entrance to the Armory. A stone arch with a floor of stone slabs.
The entrance to the exhibitions. Photo: Erik Lernestål, The Royal Armoury/SHM (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Visitors with pram

It is not possible to bring a pram into the museum's exhibition space.

Disabled toilet

There is a disabled toilet on the ground floor. There's a lift in the entrance to get down to the toilet. Toilet floor area: 250 x 140 centimeter, doorway dimensions: 70 centimeter. Armrest by toilet seat: height 80 centimeter.


  • The museum's exhibitions are wheelchair accessible
  • You can also borrow a wheelchair on site at the museum

Visitors with visual impairments

  • Guide dogs are of course welcome to the museum.

Visitors with hearing impairment

Accessibility - audio guide

The Royal Armoury has a portable audio guide system that facilitates for visitors with impaired hearing during guided tours. The guide system can be linked to hearing aids. A loop worn around the neck can also be connected to our audio guide. Ask for the guide system when booking a guided tour or at the ticket counter.

Unfortunately, we don't have any audio induction loop.

Digital accessibility

We wish to ensure that all visitors to the website of the Royal Armoury can find the information they need for their visit. The goal is for our visitors to be able to take advantage of our offers in a straightforward way, regardless of functional capacity.

Read more about our digital accessibility measure

If you have questions about accessibility:

Contact the museum on + 46 (0)8-402 30 30 or email bokning@livrustkammaren.se.

Practical information before your visit

  • Parms: It is unfortunately not possible to take prams into the museum’s exhibition space. It is possible to park and lock the pram outdoors next to the museum.
  • Wardrobe: There is a cloakroom next to the museum’s shop. There are hangers for clothes as well as hat shelves. You will also find some lockable cabinets in the cloakroom.
  • Packed meal: We do not have any room for eating packed meals. The sensitive environment means that it is not permitted to eat or drink in the museum’s exhibitions, entrance or shop. 
  • Lavatory: Half a staircase down, towards the royal carriages. 

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