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Press and Media

Press images, press contact, sponsorship and collaborations. Book us as a lecturer or rent our premises for a company photography.

Press and marketing contact

Press officer
Maria Rosén 
+46 (0)8-402 30 15, maria.rosen@shm.se

Press room

All our press releases and press images are in our Press Room at Cision (in Swedish).

Photo: Jens Mohr/SHM

Free of charge pictures with Creative Commons

In the museum's object database, there is a large image bank where most of the images are free to use for non-commercial use. The free images are licensed Creative Commons, CC. 

Press images

If you have questions about press images email maria.rosen@shm.se

Contact object images

If you have questions about our object images email bilder@shm.se

Book a Venue

Are you looking for a place for photography? In the Armory, there are two larger rooms with good conditions for photography for, for example, product photography or portraits intended for different purposes.

Photo: Erik Lernestål/SHM

The Royal Armoury in sociala media

“Are you the ones who are so funny on Facebook?” The museum has attracted a lot of attention and praise for its work on social media. What are the success factors? Listen to a presentation featuring the people behind the account.

Book as a suggestion as part of a conference at the museum. Contact the museum's booking for questions and booking by email: bokning@livrustkmmaren.se

Photo: Helena Bonnevier/SHM

Sponsorship and collaborations

Are you interested in a collaboration with The Royal Armoury? As a partner, you are involved and contribute to increasing children's and adults' knowledge of history and cultural heritage. The authority The State Historical Museums, of which the Armory is a part, works with sponsorship as a strategic work tool. Do you want to know more about our business and what a collaboration could look like?