A happy princess with a sword and a happy prince.
Photo: Per Gustavsson

April 23, 2016 – January 15, 2017

What princesses and princes do

The princess is a fearless type who in and of herself loves pink and has 1000 dresses, but is not afraid to save the prince from a dangerous dragon…

The exhibition about the norm-breaking princess was based on the author Per Gustavsson's colorful and imaginative books. It was also linked to the The Royal Armouries royal history and highlighted objects that princes and princesses have had throughout history.

Playful exhibition

There was a lot to discover in the small exhibition. Like a pink playground with a slide and a theater. In the well-stocked wardrobe, children could dress up as princesses, princes, dragons, skeletons and other figures portrayed in Per Gustavsson's books.

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