Two persons laying on a scen.
Photo: Bernt Karsten Sannerud
  1. The Royal Armoury
  2. SPIT – Queer digital performance

SPIT – Queer digital performance

Experience a digital queer performance with perspectives on power positions, vulnerability and sexuality. By and with Carl Olof Berg and matt lambert. Project SPIT explores saliva in relation to the body and its existence within archive, document, choreography and objects.

Digital performance in the museum lecture room

(April 29 – May 8)

Within the historic context of Livrustkammaren the visitors will experience sound, image and video in relation to the permanent exhibitions of the museum.

Welcome to visit The Royal Armoury's Lecture room (Hörsalen). It is free of charge to visit the digital preformance.

Live performance (May 7)

A live performance will take place on May 7 at 15.00 at The Royal Armoury. The performance lasts 30-40 minutes. It is free to participate, but you need to pre-book a ticket.

Pre-book tickets at Tickster

Two persons staring into each others eyes.
Photo: Bernt Karsten Sannerud


A collaboration with Jennifer Drotz Ruhn - photo/video, Phia Hokkanen - garments, Bernt Karsten Sannerud - sound design and music.

matt lambert (1989)

matt lambert is PhD at Konstfack and HDK Valand and founder of The Fulcrum Project. lambert has an MA in critical craft and an MFA in metal smith.

Carl Olof Berg (1975)

In his artistic practice as choreographer, performer and director Berg explores queer perspectives on masculinity, intimacy, sexuality and power structures. Berg has an MA in choreography, new performative practices.