The museum has wheelchair access. All floors are served by a lift, but it does not have an automatic door opener.

Disabled parking

In Gummans Gård, at a distance of 50-100 meters in the direction of Skeppsbron, opposite the Royal Armoury. Ask about opening the parking lot barrier in the museum entrance. The distance between the parking boom and the museum entrance is about 50 meters.

Main entrance

There are no steps/stairs to enter through the mail entrance. The doorway is 165 cm wide. The door does not open automatically, so ring the doorbell for help if needed. The doorbell is placed at 150 cm and 105 cm above ground.


Serving both upper and basement floors. Lift door opening: 90 cm, lift floor space: 95 x 230 cm.

Disabled toilet

The doorway clearance to the toilet is 70 cm, the floor space inside 250 x 140 cm, and the toilet armrest is placed at a height of 80 cm.

Emergency exits

All emergy exits are disability-adjusted.

For hearing-impaired visitors

No audio loop.

There is a portable guiding system which makes it easier for hearing-impaired visitors to follow our guided tours. The portable guiding system can be connected to a hearing device; just ask for it when booking a guided tour. The portable guiding system can also be connected to the museum's regular audio guide.

Vision-impaired visitors

A swelling paper map over the museum is available. Magnifiers and torches can be borrowed from the shop. Free audioguide together with personal escort. An escort/assistant will always be admitted to the museum free of charge. Guide dogs are allowed.