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Children’s parties

Ever dreamt of having a children’s party at the palace? That dream can come true! At a children’s party in the Royal Armoury, the children get a royal tour of the museum, games and refreshments in our beautiful 18th century stone hall. You can choose between organising the party yourself or having us do it for you.

Recommended ages

The parties are best suited to children from five to nine.

Party refreshments

Choose between Swedish almond cake with chocolate and crunchy Daim or Vienetta chocolate ice cream. There are also two kinds of biscuits included.

Party times

An hour and 30 minutes plus 15 minutes assembly time. We can organise two children’s parties a day at weekends. The first party at 11.45–13.30 and the second at 14.45–16.30.

Number of participants

Maximum 12 children for the small party and maximum 18 for the large party (including the birthday child). A maximum of 3 adults are welcome at the party to help and support the children. Please respect that the number of adults is limited and that we cannot take any more adults in the venue. Other parents or adults can leave and collect their children at the entrance to the Royal Armoury.

Three children eating a cake.
Photo: Jens Mohr, Royal Armoury/SHM.


Museum staff handle the washing up and cleaning.

Children’s party prices

SEK 3,500 for a small party (maximum 12 children)
SEK 4,500 kronor for a large party (13-18 children)

The price includes a museum tour, refreshments and games for the children and museum admission for 3 adults.

Dress up for the party!

Children are more than welcome to dress up as princes, princesses and knights for party.

Photo: Jens Mohr, The Royal Armoury/SHM.

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A girl with a gold crown smiling into the camera. Another child is sitting next to her, doing crafts
Photo: Jens Mohr, The Royal Armoury/SHM.