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Research and Library

Researchers, students and other interested parties are welcome to contact us with questions about research projects, the library, collections and images.

Research and development

The Royal Armoury works on the basis that collaborations promote the development of knowledge. Much of our activity aims to produce new knowledge about our cultural heritage. The Royal Armoury is part of the government agency National Historical Museums, and all our research is coordinated by its central research and development unit.

A person in a lab coat cleaning an armor helmet.
Photo: Jens Mohr/SHM


The library in the Royal Armoury is a specialist public library containing about 40,000 books and about 100 publications. The main subject areas of the library are weapons and armour, fencing, hunting, military history, textiles, fabrics, costumes, carriages, equestrian sport and heraldry.

Book a visit
The library is only open for pre-booked visits. Contact Anja Kujala, responsible for the library, for an appointment. anja.kujala@shm.se

Library inside of The Royal Armoury
Photo: Fredrik Andersson


Most images of artefacts from the collections are licensed under CC BY, which means that they are free to use, provided that the author and/or the Royal Armoury are attributed in connection with the image’s publication.

Questions: bilder@shm.se

Person correcting one of the dresses on display.
Photo: Helena Bonniever/SHM


The government agency National Historical Museums, of which the Royal Armoury is a part, has extensive lending activities to exhibitions at museums and other institutions in Sweden and abroad.

close-up of a suit of armor.
Photo: Erik Lernestål/SHM

Contact the Department of Collections and Research

We do not perform valuations of historical artefacts. Nor do we issue certificates of authenticity. If you have found an old artefact or want to donate an item to the museum’s collection, you can contact our department of collections and research.

close-up of a suit of armor.
Photo: Erik Lernestål/SHM