Two children sitting and crafting in the Stone Hall of the Royal Armoury.
Come and craft with us during the Easter break. Photo: Jens Mohr, Livrustkammaren/SHM
  1. The Royal Armoury
  2. Easter Holiday 2024
The holiday runs from March 30th to April 7th (closed Monday, April 1st)

Easter Holiday in the Royal Armoury

Come and craft in our unicorn workshop, check out the popular exhibition about the fascinating unicorn, or take a family guided tour in the museum.
March 30 – April 7 (Closed Monday 1 April), at 11.00-16.00

Unicorn crafting

Together, we'll try out crafts in both cardboard and textiles and create unicorns. Fun, quirky, beautiful, and magical. Enjoyable for the whole family!

Price Unicorn crafting

Adults: 150 SEK
Free admission for children up to 18 years old

Buy entrance ticket onsite. The workshop do not require pre-booking.

A drawn poster of a unicorn in a mystical fairytale forest.
Visit our unicorn exhibition. Photo: Samuel Voigt Lind.
March 30 – April 7 (Closed Monday April 1)

Last chance! - Discover our unicorn exhibition

What does a unicorn look like? A white horse with a billowing mane and a long, spiral horn on its forehead or a little purple pony with wings? The unicorn myth has existed for thousands of years and it looks different in different places around the world. Don't miss out before the exhibition closes for good on April 7th.

About the exhibition

Portrait of Jonna Björnstjärna
The Knight's Club is visited by the author and illustrator Jonna Björnstjärna. Photo: Caroline Andersson Renaud
Saturday, April 6 at 13.00

Unicorn workshop with author Jonna Björnstjärna

Draw unicorns together with the popular author and illustrator Jonna Björnstjärna. You might recognize her from the book series about The Wonderful Rabbit Family, Candy Troll, The Silent Steps Behind, and many more.

Price Unicorn workshop

Adults: 150 SEK
Free admission for children up to 18 years old

Buy entrance ticket onsite. The workshop do not require pre-booking.

Where is the Castle Mouse?

The Castle Mouse has lived in the Castle's cellar for several hundred years and has a secret chest filled with fun things. With the help of the chest, the whole family can explore the The Royal Armoury in a playful way and engage multiple senses.

A golden little mouse with a crown on his head.
Photo: Jens Mohr, The Royal armoury/SHM.

Guided tour for the whole family (in Swedish)

We offer guided tours of our exhibitions during the holidays for the whole family.

A child is looking up at a suit of armor.
Photo: Erik Lernestål, The Royal armoury/SHM.

The Children's Armoury

Welcome to a magical space! Here, you encounter the royal enchanting history from the children's perspective. Snuggle under the glittering starry sky, explore the curiosity cabinet and trying out royal outfits.

Two children are playing with crowns, masks, and costumes.
Photo: Jens Mohr, The Royal armoury/SHM.

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Opening hours during the Winter Break

February 17 – March 3 (closed Monday, February 19 and 26)

Tuesday–Sunday: 11.00–17.00
Thursday: 11.00–20.00

Admissions and tickets

  • Regular admission: SEK 150 (also includes retirees and students)
  • Children and youth aged 0-18: Free admission
  • Individuals escorting visitors with accessibility needs have free admission.

About admissions and tickets

Good things to know before your visit

  • Wardrobe: Next to the museum shop, there is a wardrobe and lockers.
  • Food and beverages: It is not allowed to bring food and drinks into the museum.
  • Stroller: Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring strollers into the museum. There is an option to park and secure strollers outside of the museum.

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All public spaces are wheelchair accessible, and it's possible to borrow a wheelchair on-site. We continuously strive to improve our accessibility to make it easy to visit us, both in person and digitally.

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