Arms and Armour

Arms and armour are in the centre of the Royal Armoury's collections, which date back to the 16th century.

The contents of the armoury could obviously be used for war and hunting, but were also an important part of the manifestation of royal power in tournaments and spectacular ceremonies. In the museum exhibition there are more than 100 weapons on display. There are such diverse objects as a battle scythe from the Darlecarlian rebellion in 1743 and flintlock rifles with silver ornaments that were given by Louis XIV to Karl XI in 1673. Gustav I's own suit of armour from 1540 is shown together with five other complete suits of armour. There are alos shields, helmets, cuirasses and buff coats. Most of the objects have be used or owned by the royal families.

A selection of arms and armour

The Masterpiece Project

Meet armour-maker Albert Collins in the exhibition The Masterpiece Project.