The Collection of Royal Coaches and Carriages

Most of the artefacts in the Royal Armoury's rich and varied collection reflect official occasions such as state ceremonies, weddings, coronations and funerals with magnificent ceremonial coaches, carriages, armour and weapons.

In the 1850s the ceremonial costumes of Sweden's royals were taken from the Royal Wardrobe and incorporated into the Royal Armoury. Other valuable ceremonial props for parades, such as saddles, had been on view in the Royal Armoury since the 17th century whilst it was not until the end of the 19th century that the royal coaches and carriages were moved there from the Royal Stables.

The Royal Armoury's collections can also be studied for examples of changes in style and fashion, craftsmanship and materials. A royal commission has often signified high quality work accompanied by reliable documentation.
In the 1970s the Royal Armoury was moved to the cellar of the Royal Palace's southern wing where it is now located.